The 38 Rules of American Pronunciation + Audiobook Download (Coming Soon)

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A set of pronunciation rules designed by Professor Hal Harper, for English as a Second Language learners interested in studying the differences between written English and spoken American English. Created for learners of all levels, this 82-page booklet helps students improve not only their listening comprehension skills, but also their American English speaking skills.  Booklet comes with an audio file of book tables and dialogues to listen to and repeat for practice. (Audiobook file pending)

A unique way da learn the language, The 38 Rules of American Pronunciatio [nis fun fer the whole family.  So, whaddaya wai-in' fer?  Pu' down tha' pho [nan' cal [lye [rUncu [li nAmerica a[nas [ki[ mi [fya sound li [ka [nAmerican now.  If no,' order this book taday(y)an' star' speakin' li [ka [nAmerican namorrow. Hal Harper